Jun 30, 2012

Princeton Container Pots for Pools and Patios

Since it is super hot here in Princeton  I thought I would share one of my clients container pots and pool.   Around this property I design eight containers that change with the seasons.  I stick to water plants and succulents and some annuals for continuing color.  It feels refreshing to have plants at eye level with stepping down into a private pool. It really makes your home feel like a resort in many ways.


  1. A swimming pool can change the look of your garden and you can enjoy a lot there. You can decorate the pool side with various plants and flower pots that will give a natural look to the pool.

  2. I am agree with upper comment, Flower pot give natural look of pool, and make the pool beautiful, Thanks for given chance to share own thought with us. Keep sharing like this..Pool Contractors in Birmingham